Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ai là người quan trọng nhất đối với bạn? Tại sao?


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why should we ride electric bikes? Tại sao chúng ta nên đi xe đạp điện?

Photo: SF

In recent days, our city has promoted the legislation to prohibit teenagers from using motorbikes. That the reason why they have to ride an electric bike instead of their Honda or Yamaha... I think that it is useful for us as well to have an electric bike for some reasons:

1. Easy to use

An electric bike is an exceptionally convenient transportation. It’s simple and quick. You can easily move yourself around town.

2. Good for your health

While riding, you are not only going to your office but also doing exercise. Many of us have to work day by day in air-conditioned room and we don’t have time to stretch our legs. You wont ever force yourself to get on a bike because it will make you feel good.
Riding a bike and try to use it’s pedal funtion you will have a good mind in a good body.

3. Friendly to environment

In many parts of our country, motorbike is the top distributor to local air, water, and noise polution. Replacing the high impact of a motorbike with the low impact of an electric bike will make a positive difference for both the individual and environment. Our choice have an impact on the future. An electric bike is healthy step in the right direction.

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