Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May's note: I have a dream...!

"One sees clearly only with the heart
Anything essential is invisible to the eyes" ~ Saint Exupery.

1. A life explorer

This month, May, has my special day, my birthday.

Even though i hide my birthday, but my friends still remember my day, just because it's... easy to remember. It's a happy moment to receive lots of warm greetings from some of my best friends, some online friends who i've never met in person but they've read my notes about Internet VN, some foreigners i've had chances to make friend while traveling abroad... so sweet...

Many years ago, thirty two years ago ( oh I’m getting old now :) ), a child was born in Hanoi, but now he's living in Saigon.

He did not remember much about his babyhood, since he moved to the South when he was 3, except for a little memory from his mom’s words about his third years old. That was when a car lighted to his house, he said that “oh, that car is making flowers on our house’s wall”.

That’s a little boy, now he is growing up and become a normal guy who consider himself a guy of passion, or a life explorer as well.

Now he is living his life, a life is driven not by money, not by power, and even not by fame. But it is driven by what he believes in, what he’s fascinating about.

His life is to make him happier every day, to make his family feel better every month, to make his reality come closer to the dream goal every year . He should be patient and wait for, happy for whatever fate brings to him. He should try for more and ask for less. Shouldn’t he?

2. Dreaming guy

Oh, so what he’s dreaming about? Too many!

Travelling around the world? He’ve been doing it sessionly since fours years ago, with at least 02 “quota” countries a year. He loves to discover cultural differences between different places, different nations. It's really interesting to talk with local persons in various "tribe" about their life, their behaviors and customs...

Capturing every gorgeous moment of life? Now even when he left behind his big camera and all complex equipments, he can still take photos with his "small but cute" camera and a stream of photography in his blood.

Building powerful Internet dotcoms? It’s a long journey started for more than 10 years since he had this concept in his mind. Now it is not only his passion but also his love at heart. After enjoying his adventures in different field of careers from IT, PR to photography..., he now can entirely focus 120% to the Internet industry, to the online world at least next 8 years.

Freedom life? He learns that people can live for dreams but they can not live by dreams...

3. Freedom life

... Of course the driver on the road to achieve freedom life can not drive any mean, go any direction. He just goes on specific paths he feel comfortable with and they don't bother his freedom mind.

It's a big plan to set up his goal: retire at 40 years old. That means at that time he will have freedom in finance, then from that base, he can own a more freedom life. That means he doesn't need to work fulltiem and can travels around the world with his special sweetheart.

Then, he can become an angel investor in Internet start-ups, continue to support other young guys' visions, or even contribute his effort to improve and promote Vietnam's hospitality to the world..

Such is life! Similarly, making dreams come true likes planting a seed and growing it up gradually hour by hour, day by day... No matter what the weather is, rainy or sunny, windy or stormy…